About Us

The Eswatini Higher Education Council (ESHEC) was established in 2015 in terms of the Higher Education Act of 2013 to regulate Higher Education provision in the country. Its mandate is to develop and implement a quality assurance system for higher education, covering, among other areas, registration, accreditation, institutional audits, quality promotion and setting of standards. The Higher Education Act defines higher education as all learning programmes commenced after secondary education, leading to a higher qualification. For an institution to operate and be recognized in Eswatini, it must be registered under the Higher Education Act, 2013.


(1) The Council shall be responsible for the accreditation, promotion, coordination and determination of higher education, the maintenance of standards of teaching, examination and research in higher education institutions and the vetting of sources of funding of higher education institutions.

Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1) the Council shall among other things:

(a) Formulate policy on higher education and advise the Ministry accordingly.

(b) Coordinate the long-term planning and overall development of higher education.

(c) Liaise with both public and private sectors of the economy on all matters relating human resources development requirements.

(d) Plan for funding of higher education and research, including the recurrent and development of public higher education institutions.

(e) Receive and review budgets for the public higher education institutions and make recommendations to the Minister.

(f) Promote quality assurance in higher Education.

(g) Promote coordination among higher Education institutions

(h) Advise Government on the establishment of public and private higher education institutions

(i) Receive and approve applications from persons seeking to establish public and private higher education institutions

(j) Review and approve programmes of study in respect of public and private higher education institutions

(k) Accredit private and public higher education institutions

(l) Ensure that quality assurance procedures are in place in all higher education institutions

(m) Ensure the audit of physical facilities and the assessment of their adequacy in higher education institutions

(n) Advise the Minister on governance of higher education institutions and the higher education system; and

(o) Advise on any other matters related to higher education