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The Eswatini Higher Education Council (ESHEC) was established in 2015 in terms of the Higher Education Act, 2013. It has the overall responsibility of regulating higher education in Eswatini, ensuring that the post-secondary sub-system creates high level knowledge workers necessary for stimulating the economy.

It is responsible for the development and implementation of a system of quality assurance for higher education which includes registration, accreditation, institutional audits, quality promotion and standards development.

The organ advises the Minister of Education and Training on higher education matters and policy as well as contribute to the development of higher education through intellectual engagement with key stakeholders; including addressing short and long term challenges facing higher education. This is done with a view to attaining a situation in the country where there is an adequate and sustainable generation of internationally competitive skilled workforce capable of spearheading the country’s production and knowledge based growth.

It ensures that all institutions of higher learning in Eswatini offer programmes and qualifications that meet the required standards and are aligned with national and international development goals.


ESHEC Intervention Logic

The decision to establish the ESHEC was driven by a number of factors including:

  • Lack of policy, standards and guidelines for establishment, registration and accreditation of institutions. This resulted in mushrooming of unregulated private post-secondary education providers;

  • Fragmented provision of post-secondary education and limited pathways;

  • Poor credibility and quality of existing qualifications and training programmes;

  • Limited interface with industry regarding programme design, delivery and review;

  • Inability to evaluate, verify and accredit qualifications or skills obtained outside the country;

  • Inability to evaluate and accredit qualifications generated by local institutions.

The overall objective of the Eswatini Higher Education Council is:

  • To regulate higher education in Eswatini, ensuring that the post-secondary subsector generates productive graduates who are able to keep up with economic and societal developmental  needs.